Privacy Policy

infoOur Privacy Policies are pretty simple.  There is no data collected whatsoever in the information pages of the site (articles and so forth).

     When you use our Forum, we place a cookie on your machine that keeps track of your session at the forum.  When you log in, there is a checkbox to save the login information as a cookie.  The forum will not be as functional for you if you do not do this.  This is how the forum software is able to determine what threads (or topics) you have read and what threads are new.  We ourselves, the staff of Computer Haven, do nothing at all with these cookies.  In addition if you write a long post or reply, without the cookie tracking your session, after you submit the post or reply, you could get an error message saying that your session had timed out - and in such a case, you would lose everything you have just typed.

     When you register at the forum, you give us your email address.  We then send a confirmation link to that address, and you must click on that to complete your registration.  This serves two purposes.  It allows us to verify who you are, and keeps spammer robots from being able to post to the forum.  This helps keep the forum free of advertising and spam posts.  It also allows the forum software to send you notifications of when an answer has been posted to your question. 

     We do nothing at all with your email address, and it is not visible to anyone on the web, including bots that go around trolling for email addresses. 

     In your forum profile there are a couple of choices you can make regarding letting other forum members contact you by PM (Private Message) or Email.  Both of these are done by the forum software without any disclosure to the sender of your email address.  The email you might receive would show as coming from the forum.  Be aware though, that if you answer that email directly, your email address then shows up in your reply to the sender.  The alternative would be to come to the forum and locate the member who emailed you and email them back using the email button below their name on any of their posts, or in the member directory.

     The Private Messages have no address outside of the forum software at all, you each have an inbox where these messages are sent and stored.  They are protected by your login credentials.