Are you ready for a new computer?

infoPeople ask us all the time for recommendations on where to get a new computer.  It must be admitted that it has become harder and harder to recommend the big manufacturers.  We have helped hundreds of people with hundreds of machines.  In the last several years the quality of manufacture of consumer computers has deteriorated markedly.  The major players put all sorts of problematic software on people's machines, even going so far as to install spyware for you.

     But even worse has been the quality of tech support.  We like to see people enjoy their computers.  The goal of our site has been to see our members happy with their computers and enjoying their computing experience.  The big computer manufacturer's have made this job very, very difficult in that regard. 

     Tech support has been routinely sent overseas, not a bad thing in and of itself.  However, often users find it difficult to hear or understand what a technician overseas is saying.  Tech support has become very scripted, and the customer's problem is increasingly either not understood, or these companies are busily pointing the finger of blame to other companies so they don't have to service you. 

     You can almost bet that if it is possible to shift the blame to Microsoft, or the manufacturer of the CD's you are trying to burn, etc., tech support from the major companies will attempt to do so.  Even where it is determined that there is a hardware issue on your relatively new computer, you will have to ship the computer back to the manufacturer for repair, or take it in to the store where you bought it, and they will usually wipe your hard drive - perhaps without even warning you of that fact.  Your machine will come back fixed and working, but you will have lost all data and programs you had installed on it.

     This has been a very frustrating state of affairs for us and for our members.  We have recommended machines that are good, only to find a year down the road that they are not so good anymore.  As a result we stopped recommending any of the major players in the computer industry.  It is our opinion currently that none of them turn out a decent computer at the consumer level, and they should not be supported in any way until they handle their quality issues.

     We have found that the best option is to get a computer custom built by a local shop or build your own. Building your own desktop computer is MUCH easier than most people believe unless you want a laptop. Building a desktop computer is pretty easy, a laptop is not.

     Even if you decide to buy a system from a local shop don't just go in and purchase. Visit and talk with the shop's employees a bit. If you don't feel comfortable talking with the people don't buy from them as there is a good chance that you will need to deal with them in the future. If you cannot go to the shop, call and talk with them.

     Do you really need a new computer? Is your present system running fine and you just want 'newer and better' or is there actually a need? Either scenario is fine but we tend to go with the thought of not fixing what is not broken. If your old system is running fine don't run out and buy new just to be on the leading edge.

     OK, everything fits and you are going to get a new computer. What should you buy? Actually only you can answer that but a small private shop can help you decide, probably better than the big outfits.   The thing is that everyone's needs are different. Are you a gamer that needs high end video? Are you running a business that needs raw computing power? Or mayhaps you are just an everyday average user that just wants to send emails, browse the internet and watch a movie. It all depends on what you want to do as to the system you need. Feel free to join our discussion forums and we will happily help you to decide what you really need. Visit the Computer Haven Help Forums here.

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