Using your computer

info Basically it all boils down to your computer knowledge. There are a number of levels that must be considered. Only you can judge to which group you belong. Remember that the biggest threat to your computer is the organic unit that sits between the chair and keyboard... Please join our Forums, and ask all the questions you want, to allow us to help you increase your computer knowledge. If any of the following comes across as condescending it is not the intent so please do not take anything in that way.

   Are you a novice that just wants to send emails and watch videos with no concept of what is really going on? This is probably the largest group of computer users. If you fall in this group you should do nothing to your computer but to just use it. Of course you should allow Windows to keep itself up to date along with any other apps that may be installed but don't do things to the system unless you are totally sure that you understand what is going on. This does not mean that you can't progress as to your computer knowledge. In fact we encourage that you do so and look forward to seeing you on our Forums.

   Are you intermediate as to computers? This is probably the most dangerous group as to the likelihood of having computer issues. No insult intended but the biggest danger from the intermediate user is that they tend to feel that they know more than they really do. This does not mean that they are not capable. It means that they tend to just jump and go without considering the repercussions. You should always research before you do anything to your computer. If you are not totally sure ask us through our Forums.

    Are you an advanced computer user? This is probably the safest level of computer knowledge as you probably have a strong sense of the importance of computer security along with fairly strong knowledge of how your software works. Still you have a tendency to be a bit lacking as to doing data and system backups. We can help you overcome this tendency through our Forums by showing you how to do system image backups along with data backups.

    Are you a power user? If you are you are probably aware of the fact. Through our Forums we can possibly help you track down specific issues but it is likely that you have the ability to find the answer on your own. Still it DOES help at times to have other insights.

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