you, miss, the, old, task, manager, that, was, replaced, windows, and, later, how, about, msconfig, have, mainly, missed, but, longer, many, such, quot, classic, features, are, still, available, just, needing, enabled, thanks, system, now, running, with, less, resources, being, used, following, link, will, take, download, site, put, winaero, tweaker, favorite, tweaking, package, when, executed, re-enable, last, seen, since, there, other, links, page, make, sure, use, one, above, installation, screen, shots, https, com, blog, get-classic-old-task-manager-in-windows-, please, remember, disabling, wrong, thing, can, cause, harm, dont, exactly, know, what, something, ask,     do you as i miss the old task manager that was replaced in windows and later how about msconfig i have mainly missed msconfig but no longer many such quot classic quot features are still available just needing to be enabled thanks to the quot classic quot msconfig my system

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Do you, as I, miss the old Task Manager that was replaced in Windows 8 and Later? How about MSConfig? I have mainly missed MSConfig but no longer.

Many such "classic" features are still available just needing to be enabled. Thanks to the "classic" MSConfig my system is now running with less system resources being used.

The following link will take you to a download site put up by Winaero Tweaker, my favorite Windows 10 tweaking package. The download, when executed, will re-enable the old Task Manager and MSConfig that was last seen in Windows 7. Since there are other download links on the page make sure to use the one just above the installation screen shots.

Please remember that disabling the wrong thing can cause harm. If you don't exactly know what something is ask.

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