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 Post subject: Bad covid haircuts!
 Post Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 2:50 pm 
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On a lighter note, i got my hair cut two days before the lockdown in Scotland on 24th March which at the time i thought was lucky.

I had hoped that that haircut would see me through to barbers re-opening.

As the weeks ticked by it became clear i was in trouble so at the beginning of May i ordered Hair Clippers on Amazon.

As i became ever self-concious about my hair i put my wife on alert that she might need to cut my hair soon... the conversation that followed was hilarious and not safe for work!
Suffice to say she'd never cut hair before and was having nothing to do with it in case it went horribly wrong!

Today i came home from work, took one look in the mirror and said nope this can't wait until June, never mind July... and definitely not August!

So i removed the clippers from the box, took out the Number 6 guide attachement and told her not to panic... all she needs to do is run the clippers through my hair like i do and she can tidy up the bumfluff with the beard trimmer i already own.

Enter problem, i forgot there was a manual setting for +/- 3mm on the clippers so instead of having a number 6 i ended up with a number 3!!

I feel like a plucked turkey ready for Christmas Day (or) on Thanksgiving but at least i don't look like a haystack... and it'll grow into a number 6 soon.

I'm going to get so much stick when i go back to work tomorrow! LOL

The good news is my wife thinks the clippers are great and will have no reservations using them again, miraculously she even likes the new look!

I'm still in trouble when i go to work.

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