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 Post Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 8:04 pm 
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I have started playing with this thing as a sort of video streaming DVR and it works quite well but there are some issues.

First I should give some links that will be referenced and definitions of terms... Also you should have a pretty strong system to use this thing.

Camtasia by TechSmith:
It must be stated that this is NOT cheap carrying a price tag of $249.00 USD. It is only for someone serious about media. I would not have it if I did not get it free due to my Microsoft rMVP status.

Any Video Converter: ... ideo_free/
This is used to solve a Camtasia issue. It is VERY handy as to converting from one video format to another.

Definition of the .TREC file format:
This is the default Camtasia recording format.

Definition of the .AVI file format:
This is an everyday standard video format that is a recording option in Camtasia.

Bottom line is that I think that I like the thing. The recording quality is excellent even though the default '.TREC' recording creates files of a ridiculous size. A two hour video ends up being a .TREC file of 133 GB in size. Of course this is not practical. While it also allows recording in .AVI format it does not allow using the system audio as an .AVI recording; only microphone input. While this would seem to make the package useless as a streaming DVR it is not really the case as I have the solutions. ;) It has to be remembered that I am using Camtasia outside of its main purpose which is to create cross platform presentations between Windows and Mac. The large .TREC file size is, at least, partially due to what you can do as a presentation such as adding text balloons to the presentation. This is a true and full video editor even including an array of transitions that can be added between different parts of a presentation.

So why do I like it as a DVR?

I have a TON of storage space as to hard drives so that 2 hour video taking 133 GB of drive space isn't even noticed but only as a temporary solution. Enter 'Any Video Converter'! It just so happens that it recognizes the .TREK file format. It turned that 133GB .TREC file into a 5.2 GB .MP4 file. For a two hour HD video 5.2 GB is quite workable.

Free sites from
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