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 Post subject: Laptop won't turn on
 Post Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2022 3:39 am 
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I have an Acer Aspire 7 (17 inch) laptop. It was working one night and I fell asleep with it on. When I woke up it was off and wouldn't turn on. I contacted Acer customer support who told me to hold the power button down for 10 seconds then try turning it on. It didn't help. They also said to use a pin and push a button located in a hole in the back of the laptop. That didn't help either.

Back and forth between Acer and I have had enough because the laptop doesn't do anything and they are not covering it under warranty, which is not making me happy.

When I try to turn the laptop on nothing happens. However, on rare occasions it does turn on for a few seconds. I get a blue screen (bios or something) and then it shuts down.

The battery no longer holds a charge and the blue lights (power and battery) on the right side of the laptop are no longer blue. I have one orange light that flashes on and off, and the other light stays off all the time (it's just black/ off).

I tried creating a recovery disc from Microsoft's website and the laptop simply doesn't stay on longer enough for anything to happen.

The last time I tried anything was about a month ago when there was still a blue light but it's been orange ever since.

I basically have a new $2000 paper weight with information I need off the C: drive (which is an SSD drive) and can't get it.

The laptop also has a D: drive, which is a really slim SATA drive.

I'm not really computer literate (I know ssd and sata because that's what the guys at the local shops say) so please respond in simple terms because this computer is about to get an axe through it and I really need the info before I do that.

The laptop has Windows 10 on it.

Can Acer laptops run from a power supply if the battery is dead or do they need a good battery?
I can run external usb drives and charge a mobile phone from the laptop while it's plugged into a power point. No idea if this means the power supply from the power point is good. But there's no physical damage to the power supply.

I'm pretty sure the battery is dead and the buttons have started falling off the keyboard. I normally use a USB keyboard but a rubbish laptop made in China means the laptop keyboard is falling apart.

I have tried swapping the SSD drive with another computer (Lenovo desktop pc) that also has a SSD drive but nothing happened. It wouldn't boot up or anything.

Any help with retrieving the data from the SSD drive and possibly getting this craptop to work again would be appreciated.

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 Post subject: Re: Laptop won't turn on
 Post Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2022 10:19 am 
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First, welcome to the forums. :)

Yes, your laptop will probably run without a battery but some won't.

Let's take things one step at a time. The first step is to remove ALL power. Remove the battery and disconnect the power cord. Now press the power button a few times to discharge what are called capacitors. Capacitors are sort of like little batteries. Reconnect the power cord and see what happens. You may or may not need to put the battery back in.

How old is this laptop and how long was the warranty?

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