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 Post Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:56 pm 
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Just did a test install of Windows 10 clean and it still works after Windows 7 end of life when plugging a Windows 7 product code after the install is finished.

As is well known on the net Microsoft never really killed the free upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The thing is that you have to do it as a clean install instead of an upgrade. While I knew that this worked before I felt that I needed to test to make sure it still works after Windows 7 reached end of life on 1/24/2020.

What I did... keep in mind that this was done through a virtual machine, not an actual physical system.

1) I booted to a DVD install disk on the test virtual machine that was created from the Spring 2019 Windows 10 big feature upgrade.

2) On the install screen that wanted a product code I selected the option that I did not have a code and allowed Windows 10 to install.

3) Once Windows 10 was fully installed I went to settings and then the option to activate Windows 10.

4) I selected the option to change the key code and entered a valid Windows 7 code. Activation went through without issue.

This actually went as I expected but I wanted to make sure that the process still worked after Windows 7 hit end of life.

Some may consider doing this as wrong but I do not agree. Since Microsoft allows it to happen I believe that it has to be intentional. It better serves Microsoft to have as many systems as possible using Windows 10. Shoot, consumer purchases of Windows 10 isn't even a factor in Microsoft's financial bottom line. Where Microsoft makes money from Windows 10 is through OEM installs by companies such as Dell and enterprise installs by businesses. On a consumer level Microsoft makes money from such packages as Office.

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