careful, when, you, get, new, friend, notifications, dont, much, social, media, but, have, facebook, account, mainly, that, can, access, buy, sell, local, system, based, since, most, people, work, with, are, allow, some, requests, this, evening, got, notification, about, didnt, think, and, clicked, see, who, they, were, mbam, pro, stepped, refused, the, page, load, huh, went, back, email, then, noticed, came, through, address, not, associated, had, things, mind, was, distracted, bailed, out, careless, away, let, yourself, hopefully, status, bar, enabled, your, browser, program, always, hover, over, link, look, where, really, going, case, site, russia, has, been, said, before, biggest, security, issue, involved, computer, organic, unit, sits, between, chair, keyboard,     be careful when you get new friend notifications i don't do much social media but do have a facebook account mainly so that i can access a buy sell local system that is based on facebook since most people i work with are on facebook i do allow some friend

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 Post subject: If you use Face Book
 Post Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:29 am 
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Be careful when you get new friend notifications!

I don't do much social media but DO have a FaceBook account mainly so that I can access a buy/sell local system that is based on FaceBook. Since most people I work with are on FaceBook I do allow some friend requests.

This evening I got a FaceBook notification about 2 new friend requests. Didn't think about it and clicked to see who they were. MBAM Pro stepped in and refused to allow the page to load... HUH? I went back to the email and then noticed that the email came in through an email address not associated with FaceBook. I had things on my mind and was distracted but MBAM Pro bailed me out. I was careless but got away with it. Don't let yourself be careless.

Hopefully you have the status bar enabled in your browser and/or email program. Always hover over a link and look to this status bar to see where it is really going. In this case it was going to a site in Russia.

As has been said before the biggest security issue involved with a computer is the organic unit that sits between the chair and the keyboard. In this case I was the issue but my security bailed me out.

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 Post subject: Re: If you use Face Book
 Post Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:00 am 
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Hi Jay

Couple of things.

1. Your conclusion is 1000% right on. Every leak,intrusion or what ever started with a human making a fatal mistake. But some of it is almost stupid. There just a write up about Github folks being hit/targeted. I don't know much about them except they are so supposed to be technowiz types. But what happened to some of them is downright stupid. First they got an email made to sound important to them. It contained an attachment they were told to open. Need I say more, but yep there is more. In the zip file was an excel spread sheet, that had a Macro they were told to turn on. If they did they were nailed. DUMB!!!

2. MBAM 3 is coming a long. I now have it in use. But there still are a lot of folks having issues. I don't base that on the forums, but on comments from their Product Technical Manager

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