just, wanted, alert, folks, excellent, security, product, that, recently, discovered, even, though, has, been, around, for, few, years, took, about, minutes, wrap, mind, then, really, did, become, simple, the, antivirus, called, voodooshield, https, com, what, makes, different, works, white, list, opposed, black, which, all, other, antiviruses, use, this, greatly, admired, wilders, and, developer, spends, much, time, every, day, answer, any, questions, have, read, several, reviews, internet, including, least, one, magazine, article, they, admire, not, single, negative, review, whether, because, whitelisting, blacklisting, some, unique, computer, coding, would, never, understand, anyway, fine, with, most, traditional, malwarebytes, another, also, currently, using, three, living, harmony, peter, who, know, loves, torture-test, programs, inside, virtual, machine, notified, failed, catch, anything, threw, blocks, bad, guys, smidgen, faster, than, malwarebyes, there, free, version, fact, states, people, will, only, need, paid-for, pro, basically, business, commercial, but, reason, you, want, long, member, can, him, send, two-year, license, repeat, myself, average, user, his, avatar, guess, anyone, wants, layer, protection, play, check, out, won, cost, cent, usual, don, install, new, program, especailly, without, first, making, complete, backup, recovery, your, entire, system, acadia,     just wanted to alert folks to an excellent security product that i recently discovered even though it has been around for a few years it took me about minutes to wrap my mind around it then it really did become simple the product is an antivirus called voodooshield https voodooshield

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 Post subject: Unique Antivirus
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 8:59 am 
welcoming committee
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Just wanted to alert folks to an excellent security product that I recently discovered even though it has been around for a few years. It took me about 20 minutes to wrap my mind around it, then it really did become simple. The product is an antivirus called VoodooShield: https://voodooshield.com/ What makes it different is that it works on a white list as opposed to a black list which is what all other antiViruses use.

This product is greatly admired by the folks at Wilders and the developer spends much time at Wilders every day to answer any questions. I have read several reviews on the Internet about this product, including at least one magazine article, and they all admire it, not one single negative review.

Whether it is because of whitelisting as opposed to blacklisting, or some unique computer coding which I would never understand anyway, this product works just fine with most traditional blacklisting antiViruses. Malwarebytes is another product that also works with traditional antiviruses. I am currently using all three: VoodooShield, my traditional AV, and Malwarebytes, all living in harmony. Peter, who as we all know loves to torture-test security programs inside of a virtual machine, has notified me that VS has never failed to catch anything that he threw at it, and VS blocks the bad guys even just a smidgen faster than Malwarebyes.

There is a free version of VoodooShield, in fact, the developer states that most people will only need the free version. The paid-for, Pro version, is basically for Business/Commercial use. But, if for some reason you want the Pro version and if you have been a long time member of Wilders, you can PM him and he will send you a free two-year license for the Pro, but to repeat myself, he states that the average PC user would only need the free version anyway. His avatar at Wilders is, guess what, “VS”.

So, if anyone wants another layer of excellent protection or just wants to play, check it out, won’t cost you a cent.

As usual: don’t install ANY new program, ESPECAILLY a security program, without first making a complete backup/recovery of your entire system.


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 Post subject: Re: Unique Antivirus
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:34 am 
welcoming committee

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Yep, Voodooshield is unique and excellent. The reason it is so admired is no. it works and no. the developer Dan Butler is clearly an honest fellow. Like Acadia said it simply works. I've thrown some of the worst of the worst at it and it catches it all. I may see if Dan would like to pop in here and say hello.


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