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 Post Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 6:25 pm 
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Yep, they will supposedly be available in 2020 from Western Digital and possibly Seagate. Seems that Western Digital has the lead. They will be out of my price range as they are expected to go for over $600.00 USD but what is allowing them is sort of interesting. Western Digital's offering will apparently be in their Hitachi/HGST Ultrastar line.

What I find interesting is that the platters ( the stack of disks that actually do the spinning) will be made of glass instead of the current aluminum. The advantage of a glass core for the core of the platters is that glass is more rigid than aluminum allowing glass platters to be thinner allowing for more platters. Also glass does not expand as much as aluminum when heat is introduced allowing for less space between the platters. One would think that a hard drive basically made of glass would be extremely fragile but that is not necessarily true. Shoot, current hard drives are already somewhat fragile. There are different grades of glass. Let's take a window in a house. One type of window glass will shatter if a ball hits the thing. Another form of window glass can survive a hit from a bullet.

So why the push for such high mechanical hard drive storage? The answer is rather simple. Sure, one day solid state drives will take over totally as long as they are not obsolete before that happens, but we are talking about today. Storage capacity is all that mechanical drives have to offer over a solid state drive. For mechanical drives to compete they have to keep offering more and more storage. Think about it; a 20 TB mechanical drive is expected to be a bit over $600.00 USD. What would be the cost of 20 TB worth of solid state storage? Best prices I've seen would make 20 TB of solid state storage to be in the area of $2000.00 USD.

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