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Welcome to Computer Haven...

info... Your friendly place to learn.

     We are a group of people with experience in working with computer users in their businesses, homes, and online. We have found that the most neglected segment of computer users is also the largest segment of computer users — the novice user.  We created Computer Haven in an effort to help novice users get a handle on computer technology at a level that they can understand; concurrently, we will help them to learn and move up to a higher level of understanding. Computer Haven is also a friendly place for more advanced users. In fact the forums have a section dedicated to advanced topics.

     To help facilitate our goal of spreading useful information, we have written articles on computer basics to help you grasp the most important and fundamental aspects of the subject at hand. We also provide articles at an intermediate level for when you are ready to delve into some aspect of computers at a greater depth. Additionally, we provide a forum where you can ask questions about anything related to computing.

     Our approach to computer education has been a great success, a place filled with friendly people who want to help others learn, or perhaps who want to learn themselves.  We have forums on many different topics, including an already very lively forum about the new Windows 10 operating system.

     Whatever it is you would like to know, we stand ready to serve you.  We hope you enjoy our site.

The Computer Haven Team  

What some of our members say about Computer Haven

     Thanks for all of your help. It is good to have a resource like this available where I can ask my questions and not feel dumb in doing it. This forum has helped me a lot. Not just in the questions I ask, but in reading others as well. H

     Thanks... I certainly appreciate your fast responses. This is the greatest help forum for us novices that I've ever found. — P

     I appreciate the help. You guys really pull out all the stops to help someone. It's great to finally find a Tech forum that actually helps people instead of just being one big advertisement. Keep up the good work. — A